Monday, July 04, 2011

Atheists Up Above

The group American Atheists is flying banners behind airplanes this holiday weekend (as if that's going to convince anyone). I don't understand how atheism is, or is not, patriotic per se, or how belief in a supreme being is patriotic either. Anyway, they had trouble just to find a pilot to fly the plane in conservative states:
Blair Scott, the group's communications director, tells Seattle Weekly that in larger cities and more liberal areas, he had no trouble finding pilots to take the banners to the sky. But in Southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and other conservative states like Montana, Kansas, and Utah, there apparently wasn't a single pilot to be found who would fly a banner promoting atheism.

This strikes me as being more about annoying people than presenting an classy and intelligent image of the subject. But I guess that wouldn't have fit on an airplane banner.

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