Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gavin Gives Good Quote

This is why Gavin Schmidt is a go-to guy for the media: he knows how to be quotable:
"If you want to do a story then write one pointing to the ridiculousness of people jumping onto every random press release as if well-established science gets dismissed on a dime," Schmidt said.
I wish more journalists knew this, and more of the public too. And if the dominant view of climate change ever does change, it's going to take years of hashing it out in the scientific literature and at conferences and pouring over past analysis. It won't come from out of the blue, and it's unlikely to come from someone like Spencer, who made a colossal mistake in the past and who instead of just doing science seems to only attempt science that would overthrow the consensus view of climate change one way or another.

And if some scientist on the consensus side ever wrote a political book like Spencer's or a blog post titled The Debt Crisis: Compromise is Not an Option, what do you think the bullies would do with that?

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