Friday, July 15, 2011

Death Threat Captured on Video

The speaker is Hans Schellnhuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change member:

(Via Climate Progress.) Here the perpetrator actually brags about his threat:

(Via Deltoid.) Schellnhuber said he expects an actual murder in the future.


Dano said...

If someone were to threaten any one of these small-man low-lifes, you know that after p*ssing their pants they'd cry and whine about being scared of injury. But when they threaten harm, it is a tactic in their weak campaign.



stewgreen said...

- Again to save you the misery of watching the tedious videos.
The death threat is him trying to hand a noose to the speaker.
- Rather than straight anti-alarmist protestors they appear to be some kind of some of cranks more concerned that he's "An agent of the British Royal Empire"

- Yep I have no problem in condemning this type of behaviour. It would be absolutely wrong of Climate Skeptics or Alarmist Warmist Activists. You don't go into meetings & try & disrupt them, such action damages your own side rather than helps it. If you feel the need to protest you do it outside in a public place the way they started handing out leaflets in the street beforehand, that's fine if non-obstructive.
- The "death threat" was the guy whop TRIED to hand a noose to the speaker. That was idiotic, but it wasn't an actual arrestable death threat to me.
- Then the videos shows 3 other occasions when an activist tries to disrupt, but gets thrown out, with more talk of this "Agent of the British Royal Empire" spiel....very bizarre

David Appell said...

He wasn't trying to "hand" the speaker a noose -- he was "welcoming" him (wink wink) to Australia. He was sending a message.