Monday, June 18, 2012

Drapela On the Radio; Case Closed

Nick Drapela, the OSU Instructor whose contract was not renewed, was on the Lars Larson radio show today. Here's a link to the audio:

Drapela said there seems to be "no other explanation" for the employment decision except that it was related to his views on manmade global warming. But basically he promoted the idea that it was because he wasn't part of the warming cabal, and Larson said outright that he believes that's the reason (though he offered no evidence or new facts).

But Drapela did say this:
"...the scientific data [on global warming], there is none.... People who believe in anthropogenic global warming use global computer models and programs to predict things that will happen, but it's not based on actual temperature data. If you look at actual temperature data, there is no basis for it." 
There's no point mincing words: that's an astonishingly ignorant thing for a so-called scientist to say, let alone one who thinks he knows something about the subject.

The most annoying part was that both he and the host seem to think scientists gets grants to study evidence for or against AGW. Except they don't -- they (like scientists in all fields) get grants to study science by investigating hypotheses.

By the way, there's a Facebook page titled Concerned Beavers for Dr. Nick Drapela.

Background here and here. This story seems done.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, David, you can supply some 'unadjusted' data to support your point of view.

David Appell said...

Is that the latest "skeptic" tactic, "adjusted data?" Seems so:

charlesH said...

Well, even the adjusted data provides weak evidence of CAGW, the un-adjusted, weaker still.

Anonymous said...


You are making the ridiculous and unscientific assumption that warming can only be due to man.

guthrie said...

Well the scientific case (not assumption) is that after looking at all the evidence, the warming is due to humans. Perhaps, mr Goddard, you actually have evidence against it?

David Appell said...

Steve Goddard: I am making no assumptions; the science shows the warming is mostly due to man.

Anonymous said...

If Drapela's profound scientific ignorance didn't play any role in getting canned, I would ask "why not?"

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