Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Too Can Be a Global Warming Skeptic

Here's how you do it, people.
GISS May is out. The 2012 average temperature anomaly (so far) is second coldest year of the millenium at 0.48C.
Not only that, but the majority of this year's months have been below last year's annual average, and the year before that, and the year before that. (After that I stopped counting -- why go on?) The average ranking of the first five months of this year is higher than last year at this time, and compared to last century's 1998 the year-to-date average is declining at an astonishing rate of -20°F per millenium. Hopefully Voyageur will find another habitable planet before Earth freezes solid, unless NASA is lying about that, too.

Also, a model made a quarter of century ago isn't entirely accurate, and Isaac Newton once said, "Is it getting chilly in here?"

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Steve Challis said...

And Dr. Samuel Johnson once said
"I most go and put a coat on."