Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prometheus: A (Short) Review

I went to see Prometheus this evening, and in 3D, too. The special effects and technical imagination was superb. If only someone had put as much thought into the plot.

And what scientists on what mission are going to take their helmets off shortly after they begin exploring just because the atmosphere in a cave was made breathable by some unknown force? Dumb. Very, very dumb.


tonylearns said...

I actually thought the beginning of the movie was intriguing in some ways, in how it showed the technology of the ship and the explanation of the science was intriguing.
As soon as they atarted exploring the ediface it went to ridiculous very quickly. I actually quite enjoyed it as i quickly ignored the slew of unlikely and palinly ridiculous actions of the characters. I WS disappointed that two excellent actresses were given such limited expression in the movie.
again if one ignores all the problems, it was quite intriguing.

DaveMcRae said...

It is a shocker - but worth it I think to get the humour of the parodies :)



David Appell said...

Tony: I too thought the first 20 minutes or so were totally cool, up until they landed and one of the lead scientists insisted on immediately suiting up and going outside to explore.

David Appell said...

That YouTube review is great....