Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Fluoride Deniers

A letter in today's Oregonian:


Dan Satterfield said...

David can I repost this?? It needs to be shared widely!

Dan Satterfield
AGU Blogosphere

David Appell said...

Dan: Sure, go ahead.
-- Davic

timg56 said...

Good letter.

But then it's Portland afterall. They mean it when they say "Keep Portland weird."

Still, my adopted home of the past 25 years is the most liveable city I've even known.

BTW - here is another water story about Portland. Our water supply is about the purest in the nation. So pure in fact that the EPA requires the Portland Water Bureau to add chemicals. Their reasoning? There are still houses and apartments with either lead or lead soldered piping. Given a sufficient length of time, some of that lead will go into solution. The simple response is to run your water a few seconds. Apparently the EPA believes people are too lazy or too stupid to do so and therefore everyone's water has to be treated.

PS - people with issues regarding CAGW - at least the C part, have far better standing than the anti-floridation folks.