Tuesday, December 24, 2013

National Review: Over $100,000 for Lawyers

The National Review and/or Mark Steyn seems to imply they have spent at least $100,000 defending themselves against Michael Mann, and probably a lot more; Steyn writes:
The bad news is that Mann’s misrepresentation of himself as a Nobel Laureate and Combs-Greene’s inept management of her case means that all parties have racked up significant six-figure sums just to get back to square one. 
(Emphasis mine.) I don't see how they would know what Mann has spent on lawyers, but they seem quite aware of what's come out of their own hide. No wonder they are shilling so hard for donations.

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Lars said...

Ah, so there is a Santa Claus.
Thanks for passing this on, David.
Steyn sounds oddly musical when he squeals.