Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Global Warming, Ha Ha

Via the National Weather Service in Anchorage, these all time records set across Alaska yesterday:

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And then there was this. And this. And this. You can play this kind of game all day long. But because it's been quite cold in the world's media capital, global warming can't possibly be true:


You can play this kind of game all day too.

For another point of view, that isn't a game -- one that shows the real human suffering that can accompany warming-enhanced storms -- watch the recent Nova episode "Killer Typhoon," and listen to Filipino parents recount the loss of their children, relatives, homes and towns. Then come back and make jokes about how an outbreak of cold means climate change isn't happening.

The show is freely available on their Web site.


tonylearns said...

will repost these #'s

Unknown said...

Very interesting how the words have changed. What used to be "Global Warming," is now called climate change after one of our coldest winters ever. If CO2 was the primary reason for global warming, wouldn't it just keep getting warmer? Down to -4 tonight in Buffalo, the average is well above that. I looked up the statistics of CO2 output, and it increases every year, but for some reason did not make it warmer this year. The wind chill is 11 below zero right now in the middle of the afternoon.

Please come to Buffalo this evening and stand outside for an hour or two and talk about "global warming." We Buffalonians would love to have some of that man-made global warming after one of our most severe winters ever. And we are used to the cold and snow.

David Appell said...

Tom: When did the IPCC change its name from the IPGW?

When was the UNFCCC named the UNFCGW?

The word "climate change" has been used in the scientific literature for decades:


PS: The continued existence of winter doesn't disprove global warming. Nor does the continued existence of weather.