Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lindzen in 1975 -- His Prediction?

Over at Judith Curry's place, she quotes Richard Lindzen as saying, before a UK panel on global warming:
Lindzen said the following “The hiatus is completely consistent with nothing to worry about.
Here's what I wonder.

In 1975, what would Lindzen have expected for future warming? What did he expect then?

Indeed, what would any "skeptic"/denier then have said they expected for future warming?

Would they have said they expected about 0.6 °C of warming between 1975 and 2013 -- the observed amount?

If so, on what basis? What did they then see happening that would have caused that warming?

Or would they have denied, like now, the possibility of future warming?

If they did expect it, how would they have explained that they foresaw 0.6 °C of warming between 1975 and 2013, but that then it would stop?


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Fernando Leanme said...

I sense both extremes tend to be wrong, because they have been getting too involved in politics.
The error bands in all those forecasts are driven much wider by the input scenarios than the actual models. Thus the real debate isn´t really about climatology as such.