Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Never Been About the Science....

Rarely do you see the opposition to climate science expressed as openly and succinctly as in this comment on Keith Kloor's blog:

In other words, it's not about the science at all -- and never has been. A spot-on reply came later in the comments:


TheTracker said...

That's the issue. You don't like leftist solutions, propose rightest solutions. Denying reality is not supposed to be one of the options.

It's like a hostage crisis where they're holding the gun to their own heads: Give me what I want or I'll blow my brains out!

John said...

Strange, I was under the impression that such memes as "culture of life" and, therefore, "family values" were reich-wing brands.

Apparently they were transferred to "far left ideology" the moment it was clear that preservation of family and life is totally inconsistent with the high holy sacraments of predatory capitalism: greed, growth & profit.

I would hazard to suggest that no Wall Street based solution (carbon tax) is actually going to extract us from our Wall Street-caused problem: the incontrovertible mandate to "consume ever more."

John Puma

Dano said...

Right. Poll after poll and several subsequent analyses show there is a large number of denialists who are only denialists because of the required solutions.