Friday, November 27, 2020

Diego Maradona's Captivating Warm Up

Here's Diego Maradona, who died Wednesday, warming up before a match in 1989, when his S.S.C. Napoli faced FC Bayern Munich in Munich as the stadium's loudspeakers played the song Life is Life. He was so captivating the entire German football team stopped their warm up to watch him. J├╝rgen Klinsmann, who played in the game (though he got the location wrong,) said
There were 70,000 people in the stadium and Maradona went on the field. We’re on the other side of the field, warming up like Germans: seriously, focused. There's music playing, the song "Live is Life", and to the rhythm of the song Maradona started juggling the ball. So we stopped our warm-up. What's this guy doing? He's juggling off his shoulders. And we couldn't warm up anymore because we had to watch this guy.
Maradona looks like he was born to this song, doesn't it?


David Appell said...

I have watched this about 20 times.

David Appell said...

Now, 30 times.