Sunday, November 01, 2020

Not Everyone in Texas is Corrupt, BUT....

Texas Supreme Court denies GOP-led petition seeking to invalidate 120,000 votes in Houston area - CNNPolitics

But the federal case, which I assume is still alive, has landed in front of who's said to be an extremely partisan conservative judge. Read this first paragraph of this paywalled story in Slate:

Republicans clearly don't think they can win if all the votes are counted, and not just in Texas. So they need to put democracy in a headlock.


George Montgomery said...

"Iraq has sent thousands of independent observers to the US to help build public confidence in the struggling nation’s upcoming election.

Iraqi officials said there were some signs of democracy in the United States, but noted that the country still had a long way to go in its goal of running fair and safe elections."


Entropic man said...

Looks as though the Atlantic article's scenarios are already coming true.