Monday, November 02, 2020


I think after the election is over, and after I write how Trump tries to steal the election and when he finally concedes (the bastard), it's time for me to really put this blog aside for at least awhile so I can fully focus on other things. My freelance career is flagging, for reasons not just because of a lack of attention, if that's what I want to keep doing, but still. I'm trying to write a book, with some success with the draft at least, about 1/3rd done since June (it's not about science, and I'm sure it won't sell anything at all, not even a few dozen copies, or get a publisher, but I have to try nonetheless). I'd like to move somewhere where I can afford to live, probably outside the US. 

I really do -- I do -- appreciate all of you who are here who read and comment, but I usually spend about 45-60 minutes a day and that's a fair bit of time that's getting more difficult to justify when it means I might be able to get some paying freelance articles out or some queries or, over weeks, a few dozen more pages of my book. Or maybe the next one, who knows. 

Blog views per month aren't going anywhere:

Yeah, you've heard this before. I don’t care. 

Blogs are over anyway.


Layzej said...

I would miss it.

David Appell said...

Thanks. I'm sure I'll ending up popping in more than I expect to get things off my mind or share whatever I'm thinking about. I probably can't help it no matter what I say.