Friday, November 13, 2020

Vouching for the Election

At this point, those doubting the election are anti-democratic, at the least. It's pretty clear that they are interested in something other than the results of a free and fair election. What exactly they're after isn't clear. I'm not even sure they know.

Here, DHS=Department of Homeland Security

Next, CISA=Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency


David in Cal said...

David - impugning the motives of people who disagree with you is an ugly, divisive practice. There are valid, non-evil reasons to pursue the lawsuits.

1. The lawsuits may succeed in finding enough fraud to change the results of the election. (Although I consider this highly unlikely.)

2. The lawsuits may demonstrate that there was no significant fraud. That would help to bring people together.

3. The lawsuits may lead to reforms that made future elections less fraud-prone. This is my hope.

4. The lawsuits may motivate Republicans to be more active in future elections, just as Stacy Abrams's close defeat helped motivate Democrats.


J. D. said...

David - impugning the motives of people who disagree with you is an ugly,

Yes it can be. What is far worse though is impugning the motives of honest vote counters, honest mail workers and anyone else that stands in the way of Trump winning.

Saying that frivolous lawsuits and harrasing people just doing a job will bring people together is just beyond belief. I showed you yesterday that Trump claimed that states that Biden had won should be handed to him based on a false claim about voting machine software. Trump will never accept defeat. Why should he? His supporters will back him no matter how outrageous his actions. What's he got to lose? As one Republican said why shouldn't he do it, there's no down side for him.

If there were any honest motives here rather than stroking a sociopath's ego and dishonestly trying to cheat their way to victory then they would be bringing credible claims to court. Instead of that it's hearsay and what was described in court as spam. Even the lawyers are backing away from this farce now because persuing numerous frivolous cases in order to undermine a democratic process reflects badly on a companies reputation. Some of this is outlined in the following link,

The assertions in D.A's post above are perfectly correct.