Sunday, April 04, 2010

Animation of Decreasing Arctic Ice

Peter Sinclair has nice animation of the decreasing amount of Arctic sea ice over the years -- and how 2008 was a record low year even though its extent was larger than 2007's. (It's about 2:30 into the video.)

Anthony Watts, who is surely smart enough to understand the difference between extent and volume (and the relevance of the latter), continues to play dumb in order to retain his preconceived notions/raison-d'etre.


Anonymous said...

Im very sorry!

But your totally wrong.Just back from Svalbard and helicopter ice hopping round the pole.I dont know if it makes you sad???
But the Ice is even thicker than in 2001 and 2003.On averege its 12 cm thicker.And by the way...polarbears are fine and increasing and becoming a gowing problem on Svalbard- have a Nice day!

Dano said...

That was a pathetic lie. Not even close to believable.

That's the best they can do?