Saturday, April 03, 2010

Baseball Truths

When a reporter asked Gaylord Perry's 5-year-old daughter if her father threw a spitball, she replied, "It's a hard slider."

-- George Will, "Plumbing the etiquette of baseball," Washington Post, April 3, 2010


When the Yankees' Deion ("Neon Deion") Sanders barely moved toward first after popping up to short, White Sox catcher Carlton Fisk, 42, a keeper of the codes, screamed: "Run the [expletive] ball out, you piece of [expletive] -- that's not the way we do things up here!" Were Fisk and his standards out of date? As has been said, standards are always out of date -- that is why we call them standards.

-- George Will, "Plumbing the etiquette of baseball," Washington Post, April 3, 2010

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