Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Interesting Recent Numbers

Some interesting recent numbers:
  • RSS's global temperature anomaly for March: +0.652°C -- a record. It's significantly higher than any other March in their 31-yr old satellite record. (Next highest was March 1998, at +0.586°C.)
  • The SOI (Southern Oscillation Index) actually rose in March. Maybe the current El Nino has peaked? If so, it'd be about an average ENSO and significantly weaker than 1998's, which makes the recent high global temperatures all the more interesting.
  • The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has a really nice carbon footprint calculator, that lets you be specific about your lifestyle and expenditures. My results:
Me: 5.7 mt CO2e/yr
Similar household: 9.3 mt CO2e/yr
Oregon average: 21.7 mt CO2/yr
US average: 21 mt CO2e/yr

I  come in low mostly because I don't fly more than about once a year, and I don't buy much except food. I surely would if I could, but I can't. (And I did when I could.)

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