Saturday, January 07, 2012

An Apology to President Obama

A woman in Los Angeles who had felt that President Obama had let down the middle class -- she changed her party registration from Democrat to Independent and had blacked out the top of the "h" on her Obama bumper sticker, so that it read, "Got nope" instead of "got hope" -- wrote an open letter of apology to President Obama because she was able to obtain health insurance under the federal government's Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (part of President Obama's healthcare plan) after she got cancer.
So this is my public apology. I'm sorry I didn't do enough of my own research to find out what promises the president has made good on. I'm sorry I didn't realize that he really has stood up for me and my family, and for so many others like us. I'm getting a new bumper sticker to cover the one that says "Got nope." It will say "ObamaCares."
Funny how that stuff works, isn't it?

And allow me to take this opportunity to say that Rick Santorum is a disgusting piece of puke who isn't even worthy of his Google link. Not just for his pure hatred of GLBTs and absurd arguments in defense of his bigotry. Here is what he said to a woman in Keene, New Hampshire yesterday:
Earlier, at a town hall meeting in the basement of the public library in Keene, Santorum was gently confronted about health insurance by an emergency room nurse who had just worked an overnight shift and apologized for being tired.

She said her son, who recently graduated from college, had been diagnosed with cancer at age 5. Why, she wanted to know, should her son pay more for health insurance as an adult when he had done nothing wrong and had not caused his own health woes.

“You believe that someone with a healthcare issue should pay the same amount as a healthy person?” he asked.

The nurse replied that she did.

“That’s not how it works,” said Santorum, comparing health insurance to auto insurance. “People with higher risk should pay more. Why should we charge more to people who have done everything right?”
That's right, Santorum thinks a 5-year old child did something 'wrong' and that's why he got cancer. And it's fine if the guy now is priced out of buying health insurance, or can't buy it at any price because of his health history. Santorum thinks people should be treated like cars.

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Richard Mercer said...

Nothing could be further from the meaning of Jesus's intent than these morons like Santorum.

It's hard to imagine how they could be less Christian.