Monday, January 23, 2012

IPCC Writes to Request Removal of the ZODS

I received an email from Sophie Schlingemann, the IPCC Legal and Outreach Officer, requesting removal of the Zero Order Drafts from my site. The wording is nearly identical to the letter received by Gallopingcamel. I believe these documents are of public and journalistic interest, and that I have a right to publish them, and plan to decline.

Also, I've put up a Zipped file (71 MB) of all the ZOD documents here, and an RAR-compressed file (77 MB) here. The latter is also mirrored at Cryptome.

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Steve Bloom said...

Indeed they are "of public and journalistic interest," but will we be able to say the same of the little industry that will be created to publicize them? Journalists, probably even including a few respected ones, will clutch their pearls, be shocked, shocked to discover mistakes and disagreements associated with the drafting process, and write lots of stories about how science is corrupt, the views of respectable scientists like Fred Singer are just being ignored, etc., etc. Neither constructive nor illuminating IOW. If journalists self-policed their profession I'd have a different view.