Sunday, January 01, 2012

Presenting One of the Iowa Idiots Who Will Determine Our Next President

I like to keep my rhetoric to a polite level here, so I'll only say that here is the kind of unthinking, blinkered, know-nothing idiot whose vote in Iowa will have an grossly disproportionate influence on who our next President is: Douglas Sarver of Oskaloose, Iowa. He's a serious conservative who's in favor of shrinking government because, he says, "I think government gets in the way too much, they get their hands in too many things and that's not what they were designed by our forefathers to do," while working at a wind farm owned by TIP Composites Inc that has received tax credits championed by the Obama administration.

TPI Composites is an Arizona-based company, and was so proud of being mentioned in President Obama's announcement of $2.3 billion in tax credits to American manufacturers of clean energy that they put a video of it on their Web site. In fact, Iowa companies have received $160 million in subsidies from the Department of Energy, and in August six Republican candidates for president made a show of signing their names to a wind turbine produced by TPI. Seems Iowa voters like wind power -- a poll last year found that 85 percent had a favorable image of wind energy companies, higher than companies in solar (76 percent), natural gas (68 percent), nuclear power (51 percent), coal (48 percent) and oil (30 percent) -- and Iowa gets 20% of its electricity from wind.

A GOP rep in Iowa said the tax credit generated 700 jobs at TPI. I wonder if Douglas Sarver's job is one of them.... I almost hope Sarver casts the winning vote for a small-government conservative who goes on to be elected President and passes a budget that reduces our big, nasty, bloated government and in so-doing eliminates this tax credit so that Sarver loses his job and he can sit downwind of a coal power plant and whine and bitch about the gummint without a single fucking clue what went on or how his own stupidity drew the across his own throat. Almost.

Really, let's stop playing around and just hand the keys to the Douglas Sarvers of our nation, so we can get our demise over with and reboot this place, OK?


Richard Mercer said...

a bit of off topic trivia.

TPI plastics was founded by Tillotson and Pearson. "The Pearson", of Pearson fiberglass boat building fame, one of the pioneers of production glass boats.
TPI still builds boats in Rhode Island.
I am sitting in a Pearson sailboat as I type this.

David Appell said...

Reading a blog while sitting in a sailboat... Wow. You're doing something right, Richard.

Steve Bloom said...

It's Oskaloosa, strictly speaking, although I think I like your version better.

LisaG said...

I can always detect the ones who watch Fox News by their "talking points!"

Sue said...

Does Canada have room for us all if Santorum gets elected?

Mark said...

I'm not sure if "serious conservative" is an oxymoron or is something along the lines of "serious illness."