Thursday, February 16, 2012

Header from Leaker's Email

I don't have much new information, except the header of the email the leaker sent to Desmogblog, Thinkprogress, etc., after it was forwarded to Keith Kloor. The date and time are from the original email, not that forwarded to Keith.
From: Heartland Insider <>
Date: Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Subject: Files from Heartland Institute
I think Gmail hides IP addresses.... I suppose it's just a coincidence that this email was sent 13 minutes after the hour and Desmogblog's first post on the subject was also 13 minutes after the hour.... Not sure of the time zones involved.

Keith Kloor gave an excerpt of the email here.
Dear Friends (15 of you):

In the interest of transparency, I think you should see these files from the Heartland Institute. Look especially at the 2012 fundraising and budget documents, the information about donors, and compare to the 2010 990 tax form. But other things might also interest or intrigue you. This is all I have. And this email account will be removed after I send.


Anonymous said...

David: interesting analysis, much of it echoed in Megan McArdle's piece in The Atlantic:

I wonder whether you considered the possibility that the climate strategy might have been authored by a consultant rather than a staffer. Could that account for some of the differences you observed?

Also, I wonder if any of the computer programs used to authenticate historical works could be applied here?

Anonymous said...

Heartland has said that the fake document (the climate strategy) contains "several obvious and gross misstatements of fact." They aren't obvious to me, which is why we're having this discussion about the particulars of scans and PDFs. Couldn't Heartland save us the trouble by just pointing out the misstatements that reveal this as a fake?

Dano said...

Couldn't Heartland save us the trouble by just pointing out the misstatements that reveal this as a fake?

It is best to be vague when trying to misdirect.



Hank Roberts said...

> I think Gmail hides IP addresses....

Click the words "Show original" at the upper right of the message.

Please post the full header.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the full email..

Additionally who are the '15' (if they all exist)

If any are journalisst that are writing about this stroy. It would be ahuge misatkeon their part, I think. Not to mention now (should have done it staright away) that they were one of the '15'

Barry Woods