Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Romm's Rage Shtick Now Playing in Theatre 3

The worst thing about all this is that there are a certain group of people who, if this were a high school debate and you had them reverse all their positions, their tactics and tone would be completely predictable and the tenor of the debate would be completely unchanged.

Joe Romm is in that group.

Romm -- whose organization, let's remember, refuses to reveal its own funders -- just can't help himself. In a post whose very title says that civilization is imploding (actually it's fairly quiet here in Oregon, and it's even stopped raining for a few hours), Romm spends over 1500 words on excuses explaining that the climate debate is a street fight and THEY'RE WORSE! and "many immoral and unethical acts that regularly occur on a far less grand scale are condoned or winked at or simply ignored," before finally finding it within himself to write this one sentence:
But Gleick is right that he committed a serious lapse of professional judgment and ethics. He is right to regret his actions and make a personal apology.
before reverting back into his shtick of rage, spending another 1,000 words attacking Andrew Revkin because Revkin wrote this and smeared him and didn't retract that and owes an apology and on and on and on.
And when exactly will Revkin apologize for his various lapses, including his absurd and I think hypocritical response to Gleick’s post?
To review:
They're worse! ~1500 words
Gleick was wrong: 27 words
Journalist scum! ~1000 words 

Whatever keeps the talk shows calling, I guess, right?

Oh yeah: I was wrong when I guessed that Romm would ignore the Swart and Weaver article claiming that the Alberta tar sands will only add +0.03°C to future warming. Romm did mention it -- and calls it confusing, and then turns the tables and claims the paper "makes a strong case against the tar sands if we want to avoid catastrophic warming." That, people, is how this game is be played.


charlesH said...

The reaction from CAGW proponents to what Gleick did is even more damaging to the "cause" than Gleick's actions.

I became a skeptic when I first started reading Realclimate and Climageaudit at the same time. The comparison between each on how issues were covered and discussed sealed the deal for me.

Dano said...

The reaction from CAGW proponents to what Gleick did is even more damaging to the "cause" than Gleick's actions.

I imagine your outrage when the stolen e-mails were slobbered over and misused and cherry-picked and lied about and false conclusions were made from them. Yessir, I bet you ruined quite a few outfits rending your garments over that, youbetcha.

eye roll

Meanwhile, society moves on, leaving some behind clutching their pearls in loneliness.



charlesH said...


Your side is losing. So you are not a graceful loser. OK, I understand. I cannot really blame you for being bitter given your financial interest in CAGW driven policies.

Fortunately, the internet has enabled the truth to be seen above all the distortions funded by billions of taxpayer dollars.

Even David shows signs of a more even handed view than when I first started reading his blog 5-6yrs ago. He still occasionally lashes out (I think he is a frustrated socialist) but he still sees pretty clearly.

Steve Bloom said...

David, it's clear at this point that that you'll be returning to this general theme, again and again and again, with no content added, for the rest of your life.

It's interesting how scientists, journalists, politicians and bureaucrats, the groups we really need to be moving on the problem, are largely disqualified by temperament from doing anything about it.

Dano said...

...I cannot really blame you for being bitter given your financial interest in CAGW driven policies...all the distortions funded by billions of taxpayer dollars... I think [David] ...is a frustrated socialist...

Charles, thanks for having to make sh-- up by using standard fear phrases to have something to say.

It may be amazing to admit, but kooky conspiracy theories and the kooks who promulgate them are still amusing to this day.

Why, just the other day a nutter pol claimed the Girl Scouts are assisting Planned Parenthood and lesbians.

You can't make this stuff up. An entire subset of American society needs a new dosage on its meds.



Anonymous said...

i came from Keith Kloor blog, and i could say that i like yourblog. the problem are the comments!!!

jorge c.

gallopingcamel said...

When Mother Nature refuses to cooperate people like Gleick get desperate. When you BELIEVE and CARE like they do, lies that serve the cause are justified.

The end justifies the means.....?

Dano said...

When Mother Nature refuses to cooperate

Lemme guess: someone lied to you about 'it is cooling', and you needed to believe it, right?




Mark in Ohio said...

I see the crazed enviro left is still in denial, and attempting to paint anyone who doesn't buy their drama queen saving the world act as some kind of eeeeewwwwww.. mental patient.. or paid off, or just stupid..

I've been following these climate warriors for decades, back when their cause was the new coming ice age in the mid 70's.

The tune remains the same, even when events show they are really modern day snake oil men selling patent medicine cures to the gullible. You people were wrong on all your predictions made then, and have been equally wrong on everything since.

And with the scandals like climate gate showing the climate change crowd cooking the numbers to get the results they want..

why does anyone sane still even listen to them?

StewartIII said...

NewsBusters| Global Warming Slapfight: NYTimes's Andrew Revkin Takes on Far-Left Climate Activists

bahamamamma said...

The CAGW armies with their billions in funding are being routed by a rag tag army of partisans. How is that possible?

The truth cannot be hidden indefinitely.

suyts said...

Lol, Dano, there hasn't been any warming in 15 years. Why is reality so difficult for the cultists?

No warming in spite of ever increasing atmospheric CO2.....

Carbonphobes have been shown to be entirely wrong with forcings and feedbacks.... albedo? Doesn't seem to matter with the polar cap.... hurricanes.... going the other direction....so are tornadoes....

Carbonphobes can't seem to make up their mind about whether or not warming = more or less snow, but, it is worth making fun of them over it.... as is our droughtfloods because of our drywet. Oh, I should and could go on, but I think all here get the point. Put a fork in it, its done.