Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yale Forum Webcast Highlights

A few highlights from today's Yale Forum Webcast featuring Ralph Keeling of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Britton Stephens of NCAR, paraphrasing:

Keeling: 400 ppm is an opportunity to pause and think about where we're going

Stephens: During winter time temperature inversions, Salt Lake City can record CO2 levels of up to 600 ppm.

Keeling: "We're not in a position to reverse the [CO2] trend anytime soon."

Stephens: It's important to keep multiple CO2 monitoring stations going because (1) science relies on replication, and (2) it has often been the data-takers who, puzzling over unexpected readings, have pointed the way to new insights and findings in the Earth's carbon cycle.

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