Sunday, September 21, 2014

Six Years Ago When Joe Bastardi Predicted Cooling

Six years ago, Joe Bastardi was quoted in the National Review:
“AccuWeather’s Expert Senior Forecaster Joe Bastardi has stated: “People are concerned that 50 years from now, it will be warm beyond a point of no return. My concern is almost opposite, that it’s cold and getting colder.”

"Chill Out on Climate Hysteria: The Earth is currently cooling," Deroy Murdock, National Review 5/2/2008
And since then -- like right now -- NOAA found this summer to be globally the warmest on record, and the Hadley Centre found June and July the warmest sea-surface temperatures on record.

Yet Bastardi is still, not surprisingly, still predicting cooling:
‘Planet Is Going To Be Cooling Next 20 To 30 Years Because Of Natural Processes’
I think it's becoming clear that denial of manmade climate change will never end. Never.


Dano said...

This reminds us it is coming close to time to update us on the David Rose Hole, especially with these outlooks that this year may be among the warmest on record...



David Appell said...

Soon... I expect it's still there, but ever-thinning....