Thursday, April 09, 2020

Peaks Might Be an Artifact of Delays in Reporting

Just read/realized these apparent peaks for Canada and the US might be an artifact of ordinary delays in reporting cases and deaths. Beware.

Verge has a good article on data sources.


David in Cal said...

US new cases seem to be leveling out despite an increase in # of tests yesterday to 162,000. Today (4/10), as of 11;00 PDT, there are already 136,000 tests.

Dr. Birx held a phone meeting with test sites to help them start using the Abbott 15 minute test. Thousands were sent out, but only 20% were being used. Yesterday's jump in # of tests was probably a result of her phone call.


Layzej said...

Here's an interesting graph.

Initially Canada was performing 100 tests to find 1 case. Now we find cases with only 20 test. USA was initially finding a case for every 10 tests. Now tests/case is down to 5. From this perspective, we're losing the fight. We need to get back up towards 100 tests/case to effectively contact trace.