Sunday, April 05, 2020

The Leading Countries

After some Excel shenanigans I managed to extract the top 20 countries by cases per capita and death rate. (As these aren't desired quantities maybe this should be the bottom 20, but you know what I mean.) This list is for countries with 1,000 cases or more and 100 deaths or more. So this leaves out some countries, mostly in Africa, that only have a handful of cases but disproportionately large death rates. 

It's surprising how little we hear of countries outside Europe. (Or maybe I'm not reading the right news outlets.)

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Ned said...

Well, from your list all of the top 10 in terms of cases per million are in Europe, and all of the top 20 except for USA, Israel, and Iran.

Plus I think there's the idea that Europe is ahead of the USA on the Covid-19 curve and that it's a sign of what's in store for the USA if we don't flatten the curve.

Plus of course the US media generally doesn't cover much outside the USA/Europe unless there's some kind of big tragedy somewhere else and it's a slow news week....