Friday, May 01, 2020

Fauci, and Temperatures

An interesting article article on how Anthony Fauci inspired some hope simply by presenting the results of the scientific method, and how Trump seems to disdain it.

UAH's lower troposphere for April: 4th warmest April, 46 warmest month (of a total of 497). The linear trend now rounds to 0.14°C/decade.

Ocean heat content for the first three months of 2020 set a record for both the 0-700 m region and the 0-2000 m region. Last year the 0-100 m region also set a record (it's only calculated once per year), finally surpassing the El Nino year of 2016).

The Hadley Central England Temperature, a measurement of about 1 cm3 of air, saw its 5th warmest April in 361 years of record-keeping. Caveat: Many of the early decades of this record aren't considered robust.

"Robust" is science slang -- it basically means good, in all the ways that a model/experiment and its data can be good: accurate, precise, reproducible, smells good, trims its nails, etc. We should trust it and like it (until a better model/experiment and data comes along).

Finally, the South Pole -- also presumably measuring about a cc of air -- had its 6th warmest April, with records there starting in 1957. The data aren't very linear, so I'm gonna be good for once and resist providing a linear trend. 

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David in Cal said...

Research has shown that warmer weather may slow corona virus. It would be ironic if global warming helped us to deal with this pandemic.

(I'm more or less joking. The rate of warming is probably too slow to have a significant effect, at least not for many years.)