Monday, June 08, 2020

Interesting Dynamic Chart on Year-to-Date Causes of Death

This is a very interesting dynamic chart -- causes of all global deaths starting in January 1, 2020, going to May 26th. Watch COVID-19 race ahead starting in the middle of March.

The source page is here:


Thomas said...

Fun graph, but it leaves out all the major causes of death to look more dramatic:
"causes of death shown account for ~7% of global deaths annually"

David Appell said...

Thomas, thanks for pointing that out.... heart disease, cancers, slipping on banana peels, etc.

Layzej said...

Worldometer estimates 214,694 Seasonal flu deaths so far this year vs 413,627 deaths for COVID. The graphic you post shows a much greater disparity. I'm not sure which is more correct though. It looks like Worldometer just takes an average year and assumes 1/365 of those deaths occur each day.