Wednesday, June 24, 2020

COVID-19 Rising in Arizona Beyond Extra Testing

Here's a retweet of a tweet showing hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Arizona since April 8th. They're rapidly increasing. Presumably you have to have a serious case of COVID-19 to seek hospitalization, not just a slight case that extra testing might pick up. So COVID-19 seems definitely on the rise in Arizona. Just the right time to hold a rally with 3,000 tightly packed, unmasked (in a city were masks were required) people cheering and shouting for a man who clearly does not care less how much damage he inflicts. It's criminal; even treasonous.

Steven Dennis, the original tweeter, is a Bloomberg reporter.


Layzej said...

The 7 day mean of tests/cases has been falling since 2020-06-15. It's now back to where it was on 2020-06-01. Data is available here:

Entropic man suggested the following test:

"if the proportion of people infected falls, then the tests per case ratio will increase, as your graph shows. Good news.

I suggest that you keep this graph going. If the tests per case ratio starts falling, you will know that you are in trouble."

It looks like the growth in cases is now outpacing the growth in testing.

David in Cal said...

Layzej, I tend to agree that there probably is a real growth in the number of newly infected people. Still, the rise in tests is most impressive. Yesterday's number was 640,465.


Layzej said...

640,465 is impressive, but the 7 day mean of tests/case is now back down to where it was on 5/23. Testing is not keeping pace with the rise in cases.

USA currently has 14.76 tests/case and falling. Canada is at 128.25 and rising.

David Appell said...

Wow, Canada has almost 9 times the testing rate of the US.

See, it's just a matter of will, and nothing more. And much of that comes down to political will, and having a leader who makes sane choices.