Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Night Music: Johnny Cash - When The Man Comes Around

From the excellent HBO miniseries Generation Kill, which maybe isn't as popular as I assumed it was after watching it.

Here's a clean version of the song, if you prefer.

And, sure, I can like a religious song even if I'm an atheist -- even the words, too.

This HBO series is about one of the first Marine battalions to go into Iraq during the 2003 US invasion, based on the book by the embedded reporter Evan Wright from Rolling Stone. You should watch if you get a chance -- the verisimilitude is amazing, from what I've read. It's stirring, moving, and pulls you in, unlike few movies I've ever seen -- only ever Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. It's that good, but doesn't seem that well known. Make it so.

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