Sunday, January 03, 2021

Prosecute Trump

In Saturday's phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State, Trump tried to illegally steal a state's electoral votes. There is simply no other way you can view it. 

Trump tried to cajole, smooth-talk, threaten, intimidate, and lie his way to getting what he wanted from Brad Raffensperger. Raffensperger deserves medals from the highest sources for his calm but determined manner, standing up for U.S. democracy. Trump has clearly fallen for every conspiracy theory that flowed into his Twitter feed, indicating a very weak mind for a man who is supposed to be the leader of one of the strongest nations in the world. 

Is it any wonder the Russians have had their way surveilling our military secrets for months under Trump's so-called leadership? Is it any wonder they were able to influence the 2016 election through the large U.S. Internet platforms, with the acquiescence of the Trump campaign? Is it any wonder the coronavirus has devastated this country and that the vaccine rollout is now utterly failing? Is it at all surprising our economy is in shambles with someone as stupid, as immoral and as unethical as Trump at its helm?

Trump is an absolute failure of a president and as a man who, as many of us saw even before the 2016 election, had absolutely no business ever being considered for president in the first place. But too many badly blinkered, blind people saw only his fake media construct and a character he played on television and were not capable enough to differentiate the fake man from real life.

Well: we fucking told you, people. Now look at what you have done.

Trump has half-destroyed this country, in four short years, morally more than physically -- which is far, far worse. Republicans, utter cowards who never deserve to come anywhere near power ever again, aided and abetted him at every turn, scared he might say 'boo' and they'd fall over into bunches of rotten piles. (They rotted anyway.) As did 80 million reactionary, unthinking fascists who didn't care who they elected, as long as he put the liberals they were trained to hate, by 30 years of talk radio, in their place. People who are comforted by mere ideology, who could see nothing better possible in life, and who hated others who did see what's possible. They detested them, because they think they cannot meet such possibilities, and in fear they found it easier to turn around and attack those who were moving, however difficult, at whatever cost, towards the light. They thought their violence made them happy, even as they glimpsed deeply down that their faked personas weren't really right. After all, even the Devil can recite Bible Verses.  

Well, this is the animal you have let loose on the world, you dull, shallow, empty thinkers, and the poison that constantly sheds off him is not easily gathered up and retained. America will probably never be the same ever again. And yes, that makes me extremely angry. I hope that as soon as this uncivilized, hoofed beast is out of office, Biden's new DOJ will investigate him, indict him in a huge collar for the crimes he committed yesterday, and the others we don't even know about yet. Because the truth always comes out. The presidency cannot be run like a NY crime family. The president isn't a mob boss. This country isn't a joke, at least not yet.

Release an executive order to undo any (illegal) self-pardon. Then prosecute Trump to the fullest extent of the law.


IanR said...

David, why don't you say what you really think! (sarc).
From this side of the pond we just stare in wide-mouthed amazement that the US political system has such low standards which it has consistently failed to meet. Mind you, the UK is currently trying to outdo you in terms of political incompetence. I think we still hold the moral high ground in terms of political integrity but fear we will pass you on our way down as, hopefully, you rise from the ashes.

Entropic man said...

Steady, sir. He's only a politician and not worth having a heart attack over.

In a fortnight he'll be gone and a sensible POTUS will let the Justice Department deal with him.

David Appell said...

EM: Except I don't think Biden will let his AG go after Trump. Biden wants the country to come together. Even the criminals.

David Appell said...

Ian: I'm scared we won't rise. Then, this time, we will need you to rescue us.

Entropic man said...

"Ian: I'm scared we won't rise. Then, this time, we will need you to rescue us. "

We rescued Scotland after they went bankrupt in 1704 and they've been complaining ever since.

David Appell said...


Layzej said...

This may be Trump's worst legacy: Iran now has enough enriched uranium to make two nukes

"what we've seen recently is a ramping up of the Iranian nuclear program. We've seen large scale exercises by the Iranian navy."

David Appell said...

Thanks L, I didn't see that.

Trump's failures are legion.