Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Twitter, Others Crack Down on Trump

Finally. Twitter said elsewhere that if Trump doesn't delete these tweets himself, his account won't be unlocked. Will he have too much pride and anger to do that? My guess is yes, for about 24 hours. Then he will miss the attention too much. And he only has 14 days left in office.

Now where will he whine, Parler?


Layzej said...

This will be seen as more proof of a left wing bias. Social media is in on the steal.

Thomas said...

There is a real risk that while the "mainstream" republicans may have had enough and disavow Trumpism there will be a significant group of true believers who will only be more convinced there is a great conspiracy and turn to terrorism. Given what we saw yesterday of police inaction I'm not sure US police will be very good at preventing it either.

Historically, this type of radicalized people often turn, not on the original enemy, but on people who used to be on their side but they feel have betrayed them. Republican politicians should be nervous too at this point.

I'm so glad I live on the other side of the Atlantic.

David Appell said...

Thomas, I agree. I was very troubling that even after yesterday's insurrection, over 100 House members voted to reject the Arizona electoral results, and so on for other swing states. Even after the violence they had just seen, even though they knew there is no evidence of any voter fraud. Perhaps they're doing it for political purposes and their next reelection (in 2 years for House members), but that's just as bad.

Yes, I don't think this is over yet, and while Trump might be a bit cowed at the moment, who knows what he does once he leaves office. Or someone like Hawley or Cruz or Cotton.