Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why There Was No One to Open the Biden's Door

One of the last things I blogged about, several days ago, was why Joe Biden, or at least one of his aides, couldn't open his own door into the White House residence.

{Sometimes I just get sick of being in front of the computer, nauseous really, plus I have a bad neck, and I need to take a few days off. Hence my absence.}

But, as usual, and in keeping with my blog's motto of "Rule #1: You can never ask too many questions," there was more to this story than meets the eye, and my eye.

Turns out, Trump's team, being the pure bastard that he is, fired the White House's Chief Usher on their way out the door -- at 11:30 am, when Trump's presidency ended at noon. As the guy was moving furniture.

One source said

“The Trumps sent the butlers home when they left so there would be no one to help the Bidens when they arrived.”

and, indeed, that's exactly what happened

And 75 M Americans who voted for Trump, confused about right and wrong, about the very nature of good and evil, probably will have cheered for this impolite, indecent, uncouth gesture, even though these decent people just lost their jobs. Like Trump and his misses, I'm guessing it makes them feel good, and right now that's all that matter to their corpus callosum. 

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