Sunday, September 18, 2011

Smartphones in Restaurants

Last night I went to a nice restaurant in Portland, and was surprised to see someone checking their smartphone during their meal. Then I started noticing it and saw five different people doing it at several different tables. And one guy was wearing a trucker hat. And one woman was wearing sweatpants.

I know Portland is supposed to be an informal town and all that, but all of these strike me a quite rude. Especially the phones. Is this now considered acceptable? I sure hope not.

This is one reason I don't want a smartphone: checking habits. Last week my Internet connectivity wasn't working and once I figured out it was the modem and I couldn't replace it until the next day I dropped my anxiety and read some things and got more work done than on a typical day. Anymore it seems that getting some good work done is more often than not a matter of staying off the Internet and focusing.

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Dano said...

Dude: pay attention to the hottie.



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