Wednesday, September 28, 2011

But What About My Pants Pockets?

Some House Republicans want to do away with the $1 bill, saying a dollar coin would save the country $184 million a year.

Excuse me, but what about our pants pockets? Big dollar coins are going to wear holes in them very fast. Then you're either out a pair of otherwise good pants, or you have to find someone to spend a half-hour patching them. And what are you going to lose out of that pocket before you discover the hole? Tic tacs? Cell phones? Car keys?

This is a bad idea that will save the government only $0.59 per capita per year while costing every man several dollars annually. It will create jobs for seamstresses, but reduce employment in the pickpocket sector. There's a reason my change stays in a coffee can on my dresser while my bills head out daily into the global marketplace.

Stick with the dollar bill. Better yet, get rid of currency completely and go all-electronic. But don't mess with my pants.

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