Friday, September 02, 2011

The Heartland Institute's Epic Fail

So, this past Monday the Heartland Institute released a "report" called Climate Change Reconsidered: 2011 Interim Report. It was authored by Craig Idso, Robert Carter, and Fred Singer, and typed up to look like a real IPCC report. It was as big a ball of crap that you would expect, and.... it dropped like a stone.

A Google News search for the report's title finds five results, none of them the least bit significant.  

A Google News search for "NIPCC" finds four results, none of them even in English.

No one cares. Everyone knows their game. Maybe even Fred Singer has lied one too many times.

I'd write and call the Institute and authors, and ask what they were paid and where the money came from, but the report is so...inconsequential that it's not even worth it anymore. Clearly, no one cares.

Maybe the world really is learning about all this.


DaveMcRae said...

I hope what you say is the case and it's obscure set of lies fade away.

I'd have a look at it, but I've seen one NIPCC report and that was 1 too many :)

Dan Satterfield said...

While the deniers are still loudly proclaiming that the science is falling apart, I have definitely noticed a trend in the meteorological community that has had one of the higher percentage of doubters.

Those who are skeptical are finding that claiming one of the well known and worn out myths is just not done anymore, and you get weird looks if you do so at an AMS meeting. You still hear comments straight off of WUWT and Heartland pseudoscience but it is increasingly rare.