Friday, September 23, 2011

About Those Mysterious Neutrinos....

Possible explanations for why neutrinos were measured traveling faster than the speed of light:
  1. In a hurry to get out of France.
  2. World needs a new shaggy haired genius for a new century.
  3. God challenging Tea Party's desire to cut research funding.
  4. Neutrinos have always been into causing trouble.
  5. Edward Witten was coming too close to a Theory of Everything.
  6. French Alps filled with Silly Putty.
  7. Prank by tech support tired of being taken for granted.
  8. Europe doesn't have enough problems already.
  9. Anthropogenic climate change now affecting even the passage of time.
  10. It's the end of the world as we know it.... 


Tobias Haas said...

You forgot number 11: Europe secretly trying to get rid of Berlusconi by sending Italy to Africa

ff2piranha said...

Italian Minister says there's a tunnel from CERN to Gran Sasso. These are actually nuTrains !