Thursday, September 08, 2011

4th Circuit Appeals Court Rejects Virginia, Liberty University Challenges To Health Law - Kaiser Health News

Today a court rejected the case brought by Ken "Show me your emails" Cuccinelli et al on the individual health insurance mandate, ruling that they had no "a personal stake."

Perhaps Cuccinelli should refuse his government-bought health care and try again.

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Steve Bloom said...

OT: 2011 Arctic sea ice has broken at least one extent and area record already (there are several versions of each), and so will be in at worst a statistical tie with 2007 as to those metrics, but more importantly has completely shattered the volume record (previously held by 2010, not 2007). Consistent with the latter, the Polarstern survey reports that intact multi-year ice has become hard to find near the Pole, with ~80% of the pack there composed of gappy, thin first-year ice no more than a meter thick. All of this was despite weather unfavorable to ice loss.