Thursday, September 01, 2011

God Denies....

This is great; from Is Outrage:

God Denies Hurricane Is Punishment for Anything

Hurricane IreneCHARLESTON, SC – In a widely-broadcast announcement earlier today, celestial spokespostle and gatekeeper Simon (“Saint”) Peter, speaking on behalf of well-known deity God, stated flatly that Hurricane Irene is not divine punishment for anything. “Sometimes a hurricane is just a hurricane,” the protoPope declared. “Nor will I answer any questions about how an all-powerful, all-loving God can allow things like hurricanes to exist. You guys have to work that out for yourselves.

Oh, and the Creator and Sustainer of All has asked me to specifically tell Pat Robertson, ‘Knock it off.’”
The article continues here.

Isn't it interesting how Michelle Bachmann sees earthquakes and hurricanes as signs from God (or at least jokes about them), but not warming from CO2?

Or that she doesn't see, say, the Everglades as a sign of God's beneficence, but as a potential place to tear up for more fossil fuels? (Even Florida's Republican representatives had something to say about that one.)

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