Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Smog Levels to Remain Higher than Scientists Suggest Safe for Public Health

David Biello at Scientific American has a nice writeup on the recent Obama decision not to lower ozone levels:

Had the new regulations been enacted, the bottom line would have been:

$90 B/yr

$100 B/yr in health costs
1500 lives/yr
probably tens of millions of dollars/yr in crop damages

Instead Obama clearly capitulated for the sake of getting reelected. It was probably a good decision from a purely political point of view, but it probably won't help  It certainly won't help the people breathing in all this crap.


Dano said...

I saw a comment somewhere that captures the essence:

Obama doesn't deserve to be re-elected. But the country doesn't deserve Romney.



David Appell said...

Ha, that's good. And true. I wouldn't vote for Obama again, if there was another decent choice. Wish Hillary would run, but I suspect no one will challenge him.