Monday, November 14, 2011

Bickmore Video on Avoiding the Truth About Climate Change

Barry Bickmore, a geochemist at Brigham Young University who was a climate skeptic until he became convinced by the evidence, gave an interesting talk titled "How to Avoid the Truth About Climate Change." It's well-worth watching. (He also has a good blog, here.)

Via Stoat.

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Richard Mercer said...

Rick Perry is more like the religious leaders who persecuted Galileo for contradicting their world view.

The difference between these wannabe Galileos and the real Galileo, is that Galileo was right, and had the evidence to back him up.
Today's climate 'skeptics' have no such evidene.

Roy Spencer has been consistantly wrong.
Roy Spencer by his own words, lets his political ideology bias his opinion on climate change.

"I view my job a little like a legislator,
supported by the taxpayer, to protect the
interests of the taxpayer and to minimize
the role of government."

-- Roy Spencer

No Roy, you are paid to do science, period.