Thursday, November 10, 2011

GISS's Latest Anomaly, and Decade-over-Decade warming

GISS put up their number for the October global temperature anomaly: +0.54°C.

It's the 8th warmest October in their records (132 years), the year-to-date is the 9th warmest, etc.

What's interesting is that, with the recent trash talk about the large negative 10-yr trend in a small subset of the globe, the last 120 months are still the warmest in GISS's records. In fact, they're 0.23°C warmer than the previous 120 months.

What's more, this decade-over-decade difference -- a measure of the increase in the rate of warming -- has been positive for years now:

The globe isn't just getting warmer; it's getting warmer faster.

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