Monday, November 07, 2011

Progress in Mississippi? (Re: 'Personhood' Law)

Mississippi votes tomorrow on an initiative to declare a fertilized egg a legal person under the state Constitution.

I guess that would be progress, in a way -- it's better than the 3/5ths the founding fathers gave slaves, and 5/5ths better than Mississippi gave them for along time.

Laura Bassett writes: "The amendment could subject both women and doctors to an array of criminal and civil suits. For instance, a doctor could be prosecuted for trying to save a woman with ectopic pregnancy, an abnormal pregnancy which occurs outside the uterus and is the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths. It could require coroners to investigate miscarriages, which are reported to occur in at least a quarter of pregnancies, and it could make it possible for someone to sue on behalf of the egg that didn't implant because the woman used birth control."

This is something even the Taliban wouldn't do.


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Steve said...

David, I realise that this is very off topic, but you might be interested in some good news. The Australian Parliament passed climate legislation today.

It is a proud day to be an Aussie.