Monday, November 21, 2011

Sounds Like a Job for the American Tradition Institute

As Mitt Romney was leaving the governor's office in Massachusetts in 2006, 11 of his top aides bought the hard drives to their state-issued computers ($65 each), and all the emails from the Romney administration were wiped from a server, according to reporting by the Boston Globe.

Surely the American Tradition Institute will be all over this, right?


Unknown said...

We will take a look at this, at least with regard to environmental issues (e.g. Cape Windmills). No promises as we have some extremely high impact (national defense) work in progress. Anyone who has additional information on the Mass activities that would point us at a specific department other than the Governor's office, please send a note to ATI (see our webpage for contact information).

DW Schnare said...

Sorry that my name did not appear. "Unknown" is David Schnare, Director, ATI Law.

Anonymous said...

Mr Schnare, would you please be so kind as to put all your mails on a public server in Russia? And Chris Horner's and the ATI's. Thank you.