Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Guess for UAH's May LT Anomaly: +0.23 C

My estimate for UAH's May LT global anomaly, based on simple-minded assumptions of linearity, is +0.23°C, which would make it the 4th-warmest May (in 34 years) and the 56-warmest month (among 402 months).

Not close to perfect
Here's my record since I started guessing:

Note that I'm not even perfect on-average. (I was told that once, right before she slammed the door.)

And then my guess for GISS's May anomaly is +0.54°C, which would be the 7th-warmest May in their 133-yr record of Mays.

It definitely seems like things are heating up now that the La Nina is over. Or maybe that's just confirmation bias.

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