Friday, May 04, 2012

Curry: "Heartland has unambigously seized the moral low ground"

Judith Curry on the Heartland Institute billboards:
"On a previous Gleick post, Why Target Heartland?, I provided an argument for why I thought Gleick wasted his bullet. This latest billboard escapade reinforces my original impression, since the billboard escapade will discredit the organization much more than anything Gleick did.

"After the Gleick episode, it seemed that Heartland had temporarily seized the moral high ground in the climate ‘wars’.  The billboards and the blog post are on an intellectual and moral par with Joe Romm’s article Norway Terrorist is a Global Warming Denier, although Romm didn’t post his on a billboard. Heartland has unambigously seized the moral low ground with this stunt.

"For better or worse, such episodes arguably have little impact on the larger scientific and policy debates. It will be interesting to see how the list of speakers at the forthcoming Heartland Conference reacts to this."


climatehawk1 said...

Seems worth noting for the record that Joe Romm did not write the article Ms. Curry mentioned. The writer was Brad Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Joe Romm writes: "It was also brought to my attention this week that a TP Green post on the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik was put under the Climate Progress banner after TP Green merged with us a few weeks ago. That post had not been on CP post before, and it isn’t any longer (it is now part of TP Security). I apologize for any confusion caused by this switchover."--climatehawk1