Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GISTEMP Estimate for June: A Record High

My estimate for June's GISTEMP, using the daily University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer data, is 0.83°C. 

That would be a record for the month, above June 1998's 0.75°C. The 1998 El Nino isn't looking so remarkable anymore.

This estimate, if accurate, would also be the 6th-warmest of any month in GISS's records, which start in 1880.

We'll see. I wasn't very close last month -- too high by 0.12°C. Here's my record so far; my overall average is very close, but for individual months not as much:


Dr.Suess said...

The lost cause of the pause of the implausable cherry-picked pause has sceptics clutching at straws as temperature soars.

Morgan said...

This is a load of Appell Sauce. The pause has jaws and is the enemy of "The Cause"

Dr.Suess said...

The pause has jaws?,below the Tropopause?,no applause but draws roars of guffaws.