Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Bad Tricks from the NoTricks Zone

A while back Sou at Hotwhopper listed a bunch of bad predictions, about how the globe is going to start cooling any time now. (It's always just a couple of years in the future, ya know.) Here's one she highlights, from Pierre Gosselin of the NoTricks Zone:

Needless to say, nothing of the sort is happening, and won't unless the planet cools by a half degree a year for the next five years. (Only if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts.)

Think Gosselin's lousy prediction will make him rethink the soundness of his ideas?


Unknown said...

You are quoting a post from 2008 ? Actually, Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Luning, in 'The Neglected Sun' (2912) predicted cooling until about 2035, then warming until about 2095, based on solar and oceanic cycles, and CO2.

Would you agree or disagree with their thesis that solar (Gleissberg, Vries, Eddy) and oceanic (PDO, AMO, NAO, SOI) cycles are mostly at or past the maximum point in their cycles ?

David Appell said...

Gosselin made a prediction in 2008, for 2020. Why is is not fair to quote?

I don't agree with your last sentence at all. Solar intensity is peaking, but the PDO is increasing, the AMO is decreasing, the NAO can vary a lot from year to year, and the SOI is declining as the El Nino builds.