Tuesday, June 09, 2015

NoTricks Zone Steps Into It Again

Pierre Gosselin at NoTricks Zone has again stepped into the doo-doo.

You'll recall that last week he was caught photoshopping the "before" pictures of wind turbines set in the German countryside. Today, trying to again assert manmade climate change is wrong by an end-around run, he quoted a doctor who lost his medical license several years ago. Oops.

Gosselin tries the silly tactic of a consensus was once wrong, so AGW's consensus is wrong. This is ridiculous, of course -- you can't disprove a scientific idea by pointing somewhere else and yelling "That consensus was wrong!" You have to instead do the hard work of actually gathering the evidence and countering the deas to disprove AGW (which at this point is not going to happen).

Often you hear this about ulcers. Gosselin tried it with the lipid hypothesis of coronary disease:
So it was with the lipid theory, where cholesterol from high fat diets was claimed to be a major killer. Today, after 6 decades, it is turning out to be strikingly false.

That lipid theory was propelled in the 1950s by Dr. Ancel Keyes and his infamous, phony 7-country chart, which purported to show a direct link between heart disease and fat intake. Six decades long western societies were led to adopting the low-fat high carb diet for healthy living as a result. Today, after tens of millions having died horrible deaths from diabetes, heart disease and cancer, the science is only now finally beginning to admit it had gravely erred. The consensus science had been wrong.
Gosselin cites this article, writing

and concluding, just to make sure you get his point

Except.... his Dr. Dwight Lundell lost his medical license in 2008 for several counts of professional misconduct and negligence, as well as failure to file income taxes. Quackwatch has more on Lundell, who, not surprisingly, is hawking a $50 book and memberships in his little club for up to $2,940 per year!

That's some trick indeed.

PS: Here's more on Dwight Lundell and his ideas, which are by no means universal.

PPS: Gosselin tries to scramble out of his mess by saying QuackWatch is working for "Big Pharma." In fact, they are independently funded.

PPPS: Gosselin is another denial blogger who censors comments that point out his errors. (Are there any left who don't?)

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Tony Lee said...

Does this mean the consensus theory on washing your hands before dressing an open wound is wrong? Egads!